Lemons, Life and Lemonade

If you have a lemon, make lemonade.
Howard Luck Gossage
I just learned that the 8th Annual National Lemonade Days, a yearly fundraiser to help fight Childhood Cancer, is almost upon us, actually beginning this weekend, Friday June 10th through Sunday June 12th.  If you live in Oregon you might want to visit a local stand either to volunteer to help or just to donate to the cause.  My search turned up stands in Sherwood, Canby, and Oregon City but perhaps you might find one or two in Portland or you might want to get involved by setting up your own stand.  (See link below for information)

Alex Scott started her Lemonade Stand when she was 4 years old.  She had been diagnosed with cancer just before her first birthday and she told her parents that she wanted to sell lemonade to earn money to give to the doctors to find a cure.  Alex bravely continued fighting her cancer and selling lemonade at her stand every year until she passed away at age 8.  By then she had raised over one million dollars for cancer
research and in her name, her parents carry on her mission through the Alex Scott Lemonade Foundation.

Alex is an inspiration to me, for this young girl took what life handed her and did something good with it.  She lived out the quote “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” (Dale Carnegie)  Although Alex’s life only lasted 8 years, she continues to live on through her Lemonade Stands and in the memories of those she helped through the money she earned for cancer research.  I would say Alex Scott was truly one of God’s wonderful creations and I am blessed to learn of her and of the work that continues on in her name.

Alex was right to choose lemonade to sell.  Who doesn’t love a tall glass of tart and tangy lemonade on a hot summer day?   It is a refreshing drink, one that is a joy to the senses, however those beautiful, golden yellow, sour fruits called lemons can be used for so much more than lemonade.

The lemon, another of God’s wonderful creations, is actually a tree and a fruit.  It is both a small evergreen tree and an oval fruit that probably orginated in the Middle East.   It’s exact location is not known, but it was probably India.  Orginially it was used as an antiseptic and antidote for poisons.   Columbus brought it to America in the form of lemon seeds and with it’s increase and growth, especially in Florida and California ,it
came to be greatly used in all kinds of cooking, beverages, bath products, cleaning supplies, and so much more.

Visit these links for more information on the wonderful Lemon and Lemonade Days !

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation–Fighting Childhood Cancer–See how you can help

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